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As of today, 11th January 2014, I am taking a two week break for some family time.  I just wanted to ask that you please be patient during this time and I will get to all your enquiries and emails upon my return of this break.  I really appreciate your understanding.  :)

For now, I am going to leave you with this image that I had the opportunity to capture last year when I was the second shooter at a wedding in Bendigo which was photographed by the amazing Lauren at Kiss Me Hello.


Kelly :)


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How to Ensure Your Wedding Photographs Truly Capture the Moment in Time


We all want our wedding day captured with stunning photographs that tell the story of the day as we lived it.

wedding photography

In some cases the quirkiest moments stand out as the big highlights of the day, and to ensure that you truly capture the best moments, those cherished moments, letting your wedding photographer know what they have in store is of key importance to getting the desired results.

Talk in-depth to your wedding photographer about your plans for the day to make sure that both parties know what the highlights of the day will be – and where to be.

wedding photography

Talk about the locations and events that you will be holding so the photographer will know what to expect, and be able to make a pre-shoot visit to the locations to get a good feel of the environment and atmosphere.


All-access passes to your wedding

Give your wedding photographer an all-access pass to your wedding and allow them to go behind the scenes on the day. Allowing the photographer access to the entire day will make photos available of the families preparing, the bride and groom getting ready for the main event and make the story in the photos follow a certain timeline.

wedding makeover photo

Let your photographer freely roam the locations of your wedding, especially at the after party or reception. This will allow you to get plenty of shots of friends and family enjoying themselves in dancing and other activities that may otherwise be left to family members with camera phones to capture.

wedding makeup photo


Get the artistic direction spot-on

Talk to your photographer about the overall artistic direction of the photographs, their previous at work and what they will be able to offer you in terms of style and finished look. A common mistake is to hire a cheap wedding photographer only to find out that they have an artistic style of their own that doesn’t match yours.

wedding photoshoot

Grainy images in black and white may be suitable for arty street photography, but may not convey a day of celebration like another style may be able to offer.

wedding photography

Try to shop around and find a photographer that suits you best. Talk in depth about your wedding and what you would really love to see in the photographs.


Trust the photographer to direct the shots

Get on with your photographer and don’t see them as an intrusion on your day. You will be happier with a selection of hundreds of photographs to choose from, rather than a few which you have allowed taking place.

wedding photographer

Don’t get too caught up in posing for your wedding photographs. Whilst it is a great idea to hold a formal pose for the main photographs with the entire family, mix it up a little and bring a little natural photography into the mix to truly bring out the highlights, laughter and celebration of your big day in style.

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