Choosing a Wedding Photographer for Your Special Day


choosing a wedding photographer

Decide the Kind of Photography That You Want

There are various kinds of wedding photography that are actually very different and you need to think about the best option for you. Traditional wedding photography is very formal and generally include many posed shots, which in turn requires a lot of interaction with the photographer, who must set up the shots and ensure everyone is in the right position, etc.

Other photographers specialise in more candid photography, which is generally more relaxed and requires the photographer to almost blend in with the crowd and not intervene on such a level. This is commonly referred to as documentary wedding photography and can be great given its natural nature. Some other photographers provide more artistic services. The first step is deciding what kind of photography you’re after!

Determine Your Budget

Some highly commercial photographers can charge the Earth – and usually you’ll be getting what you pay for. In some cases however, hiring talented freelancers can be cost-effective and you’ll still get an excellent service. Everyone at your wedding will be taking snaps, but allocating a significant budget to having it professionally done is certainly worth it. Being overly tight on your wedding budget can be something you regret later on and it’s the same with the photographer.

Always Do Your Homework

Most photographers will be able to provide you with a portfolio of their work. Take the time to give it a decent look through and decide if you like the style. A lot of photographers are adaptable depending on what you like, but you can usually get a good idea of the skills of the photographer in question by looking at past work.

Looking at the portfolios of various professionals will also help you decide what kind of photographer works best for you.

Look For Somebody You Have Chemistry With

It might not seem like it’s all that important that you get along with your photographer but actually it’s possibly the most important thing!

Somebody that you find charismatic and fun – ultimately a person that you click with – is usually a good option as they’ll be able to get the most out of you and will be able to understand you much better. We’d even recommend getting to know your photographer over a coffee or two in the lead up to the event. Photography is a uniquely personal thing; it’s all about conveying personalities, feelings and important moments between people.

A charismatic, fun wedding photographer that you and your partner click with (so to speak) can help you create those special wedding-day moments and capture them for ever. And that’s the most important thing!

Be Impartial

Often it’s the case that your wedding venue will recommend a certain photographer. If possible, you should avoid blindly following their recommendations for various reasons. Often venues will be recommending certain photographers because they are receiving a percentage of the cost. If you are recommended someone, it’s certainly worth considering them but be sure to hire them on their merits and because you think they’re right for you. The same can be said for relatives and friends of friends – the fact that you know them doesn’t mean you should feel compelled to hire them. Make the decision for the right reasons!

There’s a lot of things to consider and a lot of decisions to make in the lead up to your wedding and it can seem quite overwhelming at times. When it comes to choosing your photographer, meet the person, check out their work and go with your heart! After the wedding’s all said and done, only the photographs (and the memories) remain; here’s hoping you find someone that captures the magic of those special moments.

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  1. That s part of why I chose our photographers. They re good friends of mine, and my husband had gotten to know them from visits back home. The wife did our engagement photos, and we had fun just hanging out with her. On the wedding day, it was wonderful to tool around with friends to get our photos done. It definitely set my husband at ease.

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