Family Fun & Adventure – New Zealand


Back in January my wonderful Mum turned the big “60″!  To celebrate we wanted to do something special, something she would love and something that she had never done before.  So thats just what we did  :)  My Mum, my brother and his family and my little family all went on a holiday together!  It was AMAZING!!!  A cruise ship from Melbourne, around New Zealand and back again – can we please go back now :)  

Here are a few images that I took while away.  Most of them are taken from the ship and all of them taken with my GoPro.  I decided it was purely family time, so no BIG camera was taken.

Enjoy!    NZ007NZ001NZ002NZ008NZ010And lastly, I absolutely loved watching the water push out from the side of the ship while we were sailing.  The shape of it, the different sizes, the colours (oh the colours were superb), the sound – very peaceful.NZ003

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